I want to send a major shout out to my new editor, Pat Concodora for working on my novel and making it a success for years to come. You are heaven sent and I thank God for you and your hard work! If you are looking for a real editor that cares about you and your work please contact Pat Concodora. She is the best! Malikah Harris, author of “Generational Curses”  ISBN 978-1-944255-49-7   Available at AMAZON.



Comprehensive editing is useful to authors who need more in-depth help in developing their story. In addition to reviewing the manuscript for everything covered under a basic edit; sentence structure, as well as the overall structure, narrative, word choice, style, voice, rhythm and timing, and basic story arc are reviewed.

This editing process includes two rounds. In the first editing round, developmental feedback will be offered to improve various parts of the manuscript. In the case of non-fiction, how well you adhere structurally to your thesis, and its overall clarity and developmental arc. In the case of fiction, plot development, characterization, story arc, clarity, and dialogue are reviewed. Text which is repetitious, erroneous, or extraneous will be highlighted for deletion.

After the first editing session is reviewed by you, a 30 minute telephone consultation will be included to answer questions, either before the author writes the second draft, or afterward.

When the author completes the second draft and sends it in for review, I will edit it for the final time, but only for typographical errors and other inconsistencies in the revised manuscript. Any errors or changes incorporated into the manuscript after the editor’s original revisions have been accepted will remain in the final manuscript.

Comprehensive editing includes:

  • All of the editing under basic editing, plus the following developmental feedback offered on a suggestion basis for improving the manuscript:
  • Sentence structure
  • Checking for consistent style and format
  • Choice of words, including spelling, repetitious words, and misused words
  • Clarity and sense
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Plot development
  • Characterization
  • Overall story arc
  • Dialogue

Comprehensive editing does NOT include:

  • Fact checking
  • Obtaining permission from third parties for use of their copyrighted materials
  • Further editing of any author revisions after second edit.

Fees are based on the number of words in a manuscript and are determined on a project by project basis. (Based on industry standard of 250 words/pg)  2-5 ms pgs/hr @ $50/hr; or 5 cents per word

So that I can quote you a fee please complete the following:

Email me at Please include the following:
Your name, email address, home mailing address, contact phone number
How did you find out about my services?
The title of your work and the number of words in your manuscript
The genre you are working in and your audience
Send the first ten pages in the body of your email. Send it as a PDF or a doc. Do not send it in an attachment. Do not send it as a doc.x.
The number of drafts you have already written
Describe your writing background
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