“Pat Concodora is an exceptional gifted writer, editor, and teacher. She’s fostered tremendous improvements in my writing. Whether through strategic advice, grammar improvements, editing, suggesting additional research, or providing personal insight, or simply giving spiritual suggestions to improve a story, Pat is always there encouraging you and bring out your best writing. Pat would add immediate value to anyone who wants to elevate their story to new levels and ensure that their story is one that is well told.” CHARLES MALLOY, author



Some manuscripts require a good deal of work to help them realize their full literary potential. In many cases, the book’s overall structure may be poor; or perhaps the plot is not clearly defined. In worst case scenarios, word usage and sentence structure is so poor it makes for a badly written, hard to follow book that would not hold a reader’s attention. Line by line editing is similar to rewriting the manuscript. Basically, it is editing that pulls together all the aspects that go into crafting a well-written manuscript, on a line by line basis. Every line that needs correcting is highlighted with the “correction” in the margins. Because this type of editing is the most thorough and takes the longest time, it is charged at the rate of $60/hr. This includes phone consultations, charged separately, as needed.

Substantive Editing includes:

  • All previous suggestions under comprehensive editing
  • Identifying and solving problems of overall clarity and accuracy
  • Writing, deleting, or rewriting segments of text to improve readability and flow of information
  • Revising any aspect of text, or all aspects to improve presentation
  • Reorganizing paragraphs, sections, and chapters to improve flow of information and rhythm
  • Fact checking
  • Solving problems with characterization and dialogue
  • Incorporating responses to suggestions and creating a new draft of manuscript
  • Phone/email consultations per scope of contract
  • Rework print copy for online publication

Fees:  Based on number of words in manuscript. Editing at 1-3 ms pgs/hr (based on industry standard of 250 words per page):  @ $60/hr

So that I can quote you a fee, please complete the following:

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The title of your work and the number of words in your manuscript
The genre you are working in and your audience
Send the first ten pages in the body of your email. Do not send it in an attachment. Send it as a doc., or a PDF, not as a doc.x.
The number of drafts you have already written
Describe your writing background
Have you already worked with an editor on this?
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