Juicy Word: Bellicose

“Have I made my point?”

Today’s juicy word is BELLICOSE, an adjective meaning favoring or inclined to start arguments or wars. It is said that arguments are not started by the first one to speak. They are started by the second. The bellicose men in the picture demonstrate that it takes two to make an argument. Bellicose people can only see one side of an issue—theirs. Firmly set in dualistic thinking, they will defend their stance to the ends of the earth, often through violence or extreme aggressiveness. We have all seen how this can play out in the political arena between nations and between opposing religious groups. We even see it in the workplace and within family relationships. There are never any real winners. There are real losers though; the ones who get sucked into fighting the battles of the bellicose, who more often than not, are too cowardly to shed their own blood.


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