JUICY WORD: Euphonious

babbling brook2

A euphonious babbling brook

Have you ever considered eating your own words—so to speak? You could if they were juicy words. Euphonious is just one of many succulent sounding words in the English language. It means pleasing to the ear, melodious, or symphonic. If you’re really lucky, a euphonious experience can even lead you to euphoria. Euphonious brings to mind babbling brooks, a favorite cello piece, and birdsong. Hmm, that might depend on the size of the bird in question because the sound of a gaggle of geese flying overhead in formation is anything but pleasing. Their uneuphonious honking can make you want to duck. (No pun intended.)


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Pat Concodora, author and editor is an active member of James River Writers, Richmond, Va., Sisters in Crime, and Lethal Ladies Write. She offers research, editing, writing, and ghost writing services to writers in need of help with their manuscripts, as well as businesses needing articles and editorial services. She publishes her mysteries as P.J. Woods.

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