JUICY WORD: Suzerain


No wonder most children don’t like standardized testing.

SUZERAIN is the juicy word for today. I bet you haven’t heard that one in a while, or maybe ever. It actually stands for a feudal lord, but since we don’t have too many of those around anymore, it can be used in the form of another noun: suzerainty. Technically, it refers to a nation having political control over the foreign relations of another nation. I will give you an example of how that might be used, but since I’m not going to touch that with a ten foot political pole, I’ll adapt it to something else. Most corporations, educational systems, religious orders, and law enforcement have a hierarchical order to them. I’ll use an example from education. If the teachers in public schools had been given suzerainty over the issue, they would have banned standardized testing. Students spend more time studying for the exam than they do actually learning.


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