Juicy Word: Termagant

termagantTERMAGANT. Hah, talk about juicy words, bet you never heard of that one! Today’s juicy word refers to an over-bearing or a nagging woman, otherwise known as a shrew. It’s a derogatory word that is used to deliberately insult a woman’s temperament for a propensity to argue, quarrel or criticize. I came across this word in my reading the other day, and I have no idea why I thought you might enjoy learning what it means. Frankly, not even I had heard of this word before, not to mention, that it rankled my bones. Puleeze, so men never argue, never criticize, and never quarrel? Heck, just look at the state of the world… I’m just sayin’… Well, I wonder what the corresponding word for men might be. Think politics.


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Pat Concodora, author and editor is an active member of James River Writers, Richmond, Va., Sisters in Crime, and Lethal Ladies Write. She offers research, editing, writing, and ghost writing services to writers in need of help with their manuscripts, as well as businesses needing articles and editorial services. She publishes her mysteries as P.J. Woods.

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